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Our Dealership

We are authorised delar of leading brands Like : -
Zavoli (Italy), Tomasetto (Italy), Landi Renzo (Italy), BRC (Italy), Unitex, Mijo, Msequent (Poland), Lovatek, Lomani & Many more...


JAI BHOLENATH GARAGE is well-known workshop of CNG / LPG Kit Fitting Center in Ulhasnagar. Our entire assortment is sourced directly from the company with one year warranty after fitment services. In addition to this, we also deal in distribution of CNG and LPG Kits and their Spare parts.

We at JAI BHOLENATH GARAGE are specialized in fitting of the finest CNG Conversion Kits and LPG Conversion Kits in all types of private and commercial cars in Ulhasnagar, Maharashatra. We are the Government Approved CNG & LPG Kit Retrofitment Center in Ulhasnagar. We are the Oldest LPG / CNG Retrofitment Center in ULHASNAGAR, MAHARASHTRA. We Fit Imported and Indian LPG & CNG Kits from Italy and Argentina, Poland and India including BRC, Lovatek, Mijo, Stargas, UTX, Tomasetto, Lomani, etc. We also install sequential CNG/ LPG Conversion Kits to car and other vehicles.

Our Mechanics are trained for best CNG & LPG Kit Installation Services. CNG Kit Fitting Services at our center is carried out by professionally trained ITI Staff for better safety and performance of your vehicle & CNG Kits.

Some of these advantages of CNG are:

  • CNG offers lower operating cost .
  • CNG is cheaper than petrol and diesel.
  • CNG is cleaner and thus reduces pollution level.

Green fuel

Commonly referred to as the green fuel because of its lead and sulphur free character, CNG reduces harmful emissions. Being non-corrosive, it enhances the longevity of spark plugs. Due to the absence of any lead or benzene content in CNG, the lead fouling of spark plugs and lead or benzene pollution are eliminated


CNG is less likely to auto-ignite on hot surfaces, since it has a high auto-ignition temperature (540 degrees centigrade) and a narrow range (5%-15%) of inflammability. It means that if CNG concentration in the air is below 5% or above 15%, it will not burn. This high ignition temperature and limited flammability range makes accidental ignition or combustion very unlikely.

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