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JAI BHOLENATH GARAGE, established in 2003. We are specialized in fitting of finest CNG & LPG conversion kits in all types of private & commercial cars in Ulhasnagar, Kalyan, Ambernath, Badlapur, Dombivli, Biwandi, Shahapur, Karjat, Neral and many other cities in Maharashtra. We are oldest & Government Approved CNG & LPG kit Retro Fitment center in Ulhasnagar, We install traditional as well as sequential CNG kit in cars, also install original Italian, Argentina & Indian manufactured CNG & LPG kits.

We install traditional as well as Sequential CNG Kit in cars. We also install CNG Kit to all other cars including Luxury Cars. We install original Italian, Argentina, Poland & Indian Manufactured BRC, Lovatek, Mijo, Stargas, UTX, Tomasetto & Lomani etc brands CNG kits in cars  and Other Automobiles

JAI BHOLENATH GARAGE operates a professional and cost effective installation service to enable automobiles to run on CNG/LPG. With more than 12 years of experience in the CNG/LPG industry, all CNG/LPG installations are carried out in our modern workshop.

Our Mechanics are trained for best CNG/LPG Kit Installation Services. We also provide repair and maintenance service to all CNG and LPG fitted cars. We are the retail and wholesale supplier of all types of CNG kits and accessories in Ulhasnagar, Kalyan, Ambernath and in entire Maharashtra.


Compressed natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel operating today. This means less vehicle maintenance and longer engine life. The cost of CNG is almost a third of the cost of Petrol in terms of calorific value resulting in substantial saving in fuel cost, and investment in the CNG kit is paid back in a short period.

The use of CNG as a fuel reduces vehicular exhaust emissions significantly. Carbon Monoxide emissions are reduced by 70 to 90% and Hydrocarbon emissions by 40 to 60% as compared to vehicles that use the conventional fuel - Petrol. Carbon Dioxide emissions, a cause for global warming, are also reduced significantly by 10%.

The basic engine characteristics of a vehicle are retained while converting it to run on CNG. The vehicle therefore is capable of running either on Petrol or on CNG at the flick of a switch on its dashboard.

Things to remember

  • CNG vehicles produce the fewest emissions of any motor fuel.
  • CNG produces significantly less pollutants than petrol.
  • Dedicated CNG engines are superior in performance to petrol engines.
  • Saves 70% of fuel cost CNG is cost effective as compared to petrol.
  • CNG is a cleaner fuel and thus reduces pollution level.
  • Natural gas is cheaper per equivalent gallon than petrol (an average of 15% to 50% less than petrol.

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